A cool summer look for biking around, way better for peddling about than mine:

Last time I was out and about on my Dutch soublaïmebike (Did I show it to you?)(I have to be the only one wandering around all straight up on my big Dutch bike that goes like 2 miles an hour but I just love how friggin’ cool it is!), I had on a mini-miniskirt and black Birkenstocks (that I ordered in a size too big but was too lazy to send in for an exchange. Ah! You gotta love online shopping!), and here’s what happened…

-The skirt hiked up all the way to my chin from all the peddling, which showed a little too much of the scenery to the passersby. But hey, it’s New York so no one really cares. Though my dignity: took a little hit. Plus: Danger!!!
– My bag didn’t really stay on my shoulder so I had to hold it with one hand and grip the handlebars with the other. Mega Danger!!!
– My Birkenstocks are too big, so much so that one of them ending up falling off on 5th Avenue, and here I am looping back around in the middle of traffic. Maximum dignity loss. And all that together = Hyper Danger!!!

And the worst part was that I didn’t even have a helmet on. I mean, I was being careful.
But it’s time I get myself some safety gear, don’t you think?
So yeah, tomorrow, I’ll put on some jeans and a crop-top.
Ahahaha! Kidding…

Okay, I totally still want these Phillip Lim shoes. Even if they’re a little big on me. ;)
All this shouldn’t take you away from the beauty of Rachel on her bike though, don’t you think ?