Our hotel, the Viceroy in Ubud, was not only so beautiful and so good (yes I’m talking about the food), but each room was equipped with one of these little open air gazebos.

It’s a Balinese concept called a bale. They have them in houses and villages in a lot of different sizes and qualities.
This is where folks get together to hang out. The Balinese, unlike us, don’t really socialize during meals – and they don’t really have “cafes” for sitting and talking.
But bales symbolize just how much they love to get together and chat.

Our version is a hotelified version, of course, but it was crazy how much time I spent reading in there, reliving every moment with Scott and watching the monkeys leap from branch to branch.

If you click on the arrows, you can see more of the photos from the hotel. Really, it’s paradise perched in the forest.