Hey, what’s the first thing you think about when you look at this picture?

Ok the view is amazing*, the swimsuit is the cutest thing ever** but, but, buuuuut…
Ok, you want to know what I think about?

Gosh, that belly!!!

Do flat stomachs like that really exist? Where do you get one?
I asked Bella (in the picture), and obviously, as you can guess, she doesn’t do anything and eats whatever she wants. Some people are just born like that I guess.

For the others, like, say, me for example, what’s the thing? Should we just learn to live with our tummies (I don’t hate a little extra layer there actually, it’s just that when I see THAT I’m like, heeey!) or start crunching everyday ?

What do you do?

* It was shot the the Pirate Beach Club.
** I die for anything with pom poms right now.