The other day, I told you about my Woody Allen t-shirt, way better than a cigarette as a conversation starter.

I love t-shirts with writing on them. But I actually own very few, cause there aren’t too many things I want plastered across my chest, you know?

And so the other other day, I was strolling through the aisles of H&M (in order to buy that) when suddenly, this t-shirt pops right out in front of me. Yep. This one up there in the picture…

I thought it was pretty from afar, so I zoomed in a little closer… And… Mmmmmm…”LA N°8 Noire (with a stain)”

“What the hell does that mean?”

I thought to myself that I had to talk to you about it ASAP, then of course, I forgot.

And in the meantime, I wandered over to Urban Outfitters and I saw this:

“Va te faire voir” is kinda just like saying “Go to hell!” but sort of meaner, like “Go fuck yourself!”


And a little more worrisome :

(Don’t worry it’s been taken off the racks since then.)

So all this makes me wonder, how do you guys choose your t-shirts ?

Do you like t-shirts with a real message? Like “Obama Rules”? Do you like photos? Illustrations?

Or do you like stuff that doesn’t mean anything and is mostly graphic like the one in the photo? (What do you say when people ask you what it means?)

(I’m not asking if you’d wear a go to hell t-shirt as I forbid any of you to wear a go to hell t-shirt. ;)