I’ve always seen a therapist. Actually, seeing a therapist is one of the most regular things I’ve done in my life, up there with brushing my teeth, and flipping through the pages of magazines buried in my sofa.

I’ve seen a therapist in tough times, in times of peace, in times of love, in times of heartbreak, and I’ve even seen my therapist during fashion week, if that tells you anything.

Here are 10 reasons (and don’t ask me why I’m so into lists right now. I’m totally about to talk to my shrink about it) why, and one why I don’t recommend you go see one…

#1 – If I didn’t have a therapist, I’d spend way too much time talking to strangers.
Which I do anyway, just ask the checkout guy at the grocery store, or my taxi driver, or…. My blog readers?
Sometimes, when I’m alone, I talk to my shoes. Yeah, even the non-Louboutin ones.

#2 – Do the math
Pain + time = Humor.
Pain + (therapist x time) = Humor.
Wounds heal faster when we talk, even the smallest ones. What a wonderful shortcut for comedy. And what do you do with comedy? You blog about it, of course. I mean, like… You can talk about all your weight problems, without raising an eyebrow.

#3 – Distance
My favorite moment of fashion week?
The moment when I put my camera on my therapist’s carpeted floor and tell him all about the madness in my crazy fashion world.
He doesn’t know anything of it and has no idea what the word front-row means. He has no idea who Phoebe Philo is (!!!)(srlsy?!). Doesn’t really even know what a blog is.
Just explaining that to him already is a breath of fresh air. I take a step back. I start laughing about it. And then I’m all cool and ready to get back to it.

#4 – Okay, since we’re talking about the front row…
With him I’m always in the front row, hinhinhin !

#5 – I love the idea of paying someone to listen to me talk.
Someone who has no emotional ties with me, who’s there just for me, and with whom it’s clear: half hour, not more, not less.
Oh, and also because I think too, that…

#6 – Seeing at therapist is a luxury.
Luxury is what you don’t necessarily need but makes life that much more beautiful.
Like a Diptyque candle for example, but much better.
It’s a gift I give to myself, to my life, and to the people I love.
(= I’m way cooler with them.)

#7 – Seeing a therapist is modern.
You might ask how I continue to see my therapist who lives in Paris.
Just think about it for a second…

Skype !!!
I mean, honestly here, vive le Skype! And also, vive our Skype faces! Talk about comedy. When are we gonna get Instagram filters for Skype?

#8 – Zero filter.
People can read me like an open book. Nothing is easier for me than spilling all my deepest secrets (it’s easy because I don’t have any).
Therapy and me were made for each other.

#9 – I’m the I was the queen of psychobabble.
Listen: “Noooo, but if your guy is sleeping with another girl, it’s probably because he loves you so much, but his relationship with his mother was all messed up, and that’s also why he always forgets to call you, not because he doesn’t care but it’s that…”
There’s no way we can know what’s going on in other people’s heads – and even less so in our own. Seeing a therapist is to accept the mystery of our own mind and to accept talking as the tool, not understanding.
Seeing a therapist helps us understand that there’s nothing to understand. It’s simply the act of talking that frees us. And nothing short of understanding that simple fact will set us free.
So if you hear me start to psychobabble (yeah, it happens)(pretty darn often, but less than it used to), don’t hesitate to slap me.

#10 – Seeing a therapist doesn’t mean you have a “problem.”
I’ve never got why seeing a therapist has to be a secret.
I mean, okay. When I started seeing someone when I was about 15 (yeah), I kept everything so secret, telling my friends I had a “doctor’s appointment,” complete with big sunglasses and mysterious looks.
I don’t know where I picked it up, but there definitely was this catastrophic stigma against people who are in therapy.
One day, I decided to just talk about it (remember, zero filter) and hearing some of the interesting conversation that came from it (remember, I could talk even to a non-Louboutin shoe ) and people would inevitably start asking me for advice (because remember, I’m the I was the queen of psychobabble) I kept on talking about it.

# 11 – And that’s why I don’t recommend to anyone to go see a therapist.
I don’t like when people try to convince everyone to do whatever they’re doing. I mean, except when they’re trying to get everyone to wear Birkenstocks this summer.
So yeah, go see a therapist if you want.
But it’s a personal choice and can be pretty intense – especially because it’s tough to find someone good. Some people can live perfectly well without one, and sometimes seeing a therapist can make you fragile.
Many can be annoying, and not everyone is as passionate about themselves as I am, thank god.

So there you go! “Life is a tragedy when seen close-up, but a comedy in long shot” I’m just trying to broaden my vision, I guess…

Translation : Tim Sullivan