The other day, a lot of you asked me where the bag in my illustration came from.
I don’t know how any of you put together that I was inspired by a real bag (Seriously ? You guys are goooooood!) but… Here we go !

The simplicity and coolitude of this bag is to die for. I’ve been wearing it for a week and everyone has been asking where I got it – even with a drawing! :)

The leather is pretty rigid so it doesn’t lose its shape. The inside is red and sublime (It’s a sort of double face leather) and honestly, I’m just so crazy about it I’ve lost all critical abilities.

And on top of that, the brand, Mansur Gavriel, is the brain-child of two friends who live in New York, just two gals like you and me. I love that. I think I’ll get a coffee date on the calendar with them one of these days, no ?…

Voilà! I had to show you guys my new little baby! You like it?