There’s some weird stuff going down right now in New York.
Girls perched on super high heels are roaming all throughout the city. Dinners are given every night in Manhattan and is blowing up with photos. It’s almost like….

It’s almost like it’s fashion week.

But it’s not. Well, not really. But right now, brands are showing their resort collections.

The only thing that’s lacking really, are all the street style photographers. And the runway shows. Because the resort collections are usually super intimate presentations and not overly publicized. Even though there are more and more presentations that are shows… but still not really. So it’s all pretty confusing, but still, let’s talk about it.

Here are 10 observations on the resort collections…

The lookbooks are awesome.

In the past, a resort lookbook was over a white backdrop, an unknown model, and a dozen or so looks that didn’t tell much of a story.
Now, they are really saying something and it’s sort of a contained creativity that is actually very interesting (it’s pretty much that they want you to see the clothes – unlike ad campaigns where you get the dream and the clothes are secondary – but now, a cool background has been added and there are great models and poses).

A few of my favorites are on the mood board up there.

Designers no longer have a life.

Seeing that the resort collections and the pre-fall collections have become their own separate entity, when do designers get a break? And the buyers too for that matter? And the editors? A career in fashion is intense exercise.

I want to wear everything.

Yes, resort is more wearable. These collections are not there for communication purposes, but rather just to be purchased.
A buyer friend of mine told me that now she buys almost only (except a few key pieces) from the resort collections.

Life is a perpetual fashion week.

When you look at the calendar of fashion weeks, you’ll realize that there is just no break. Men’s starts this weekend in London, women’s (resort not yet done), and then couture in July, and then September for your usual fashion week. If you try to see all of it, you literally never stop.

And so fashion weeks will lose their importance…

Just from seeing too much too often, our eyes get used to it and the trends go by so quickly you don’t even notice and we get tired of the whole hysteria.

Or become a time for big communication moments.

So our eyes have gotten used to everything = everyone has to do more to get noticed. Some brands choose to try discretion and become ultra-secretive, while others really make a huge statement.

Some simply don’t panic and continue doing their thing, which is my favorite approach.

I am sorry to report that you’re not done with your ab routines.

Tracy Anderson, Jillian Michaels, do what you will, but consider yourself warned: there are so many crop tops this season that this trend will probably continue until the end of time (says Alex).

That said, in terms of buns, you can chill.

Shorts are out. Oversized bermudas have stolen the spotlight.

There are no more seasons.

Literally. Crappy spring.
And the resort collections say you should wear as many light dresses as you do fur. The only thing they have in common is that everyone thinks you should wear sandals.

All that said, I love the resort collections.

Calmer, more realistic, more modern, more wearable, I’m totally into them. Which is why we’re going to put together a total recap for you next week because
we’re just so. In. To. It.

What about you? What do you think? Too much fashion weeks or give me mooooore?

Resort looks from left to right: Givenchy, Erdem, Marc Jacobs, Acne, Chloé

Translation : Tim Sullivan