It was super cool to work with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

For a few seasons now, the Olsen twins have been artistic directors for the brand Superga.
I don’t know if you’ve seen the sneakers from The Row x Superga collection, but they have some serious sublimity, the felts, the cashmere they use gives them a quota of 100% desirability.

This time, they wanted to work with us (Scott doing photos, my team and I working on the video) to explore our vision of the brand…

I’d met Mary-Kate and Ashley before, during their presentations. I know that they don’t like to have their photo taken too much, but I remember perfectly that for my first presentation, Ashley came over and sat next to me, talking through each and every one of the looks.

Me? I was like, trying as hard as I could to take my fashion editor look #12 = super serious and pro and expressionless (where are my black frames?) while the only thing that wanted to come out of me was my hysteric fan look #2 = mouth aghast, crazy eyes and no dignity. Guys. Mary-Kate and Ashley.

Imagine the mess if each time they want to talk about their clothes some hysteric fan is ready to jump at them to get an autograph…

You kind of start not wanting anyone to get a pic.

And anyway, they make that easy. Because the clothes are so good (you know I love the The Row) that very fast, my hysteria went from the twins to the beautiful and poetic clothes. I fell in love with the brand and every season since, I admire more and more the path they are paving.
Also, I want to buy every single piece in the collections.

(Oh, and something else – I’m a big fan of their style. Their vintage outfits that they wear on the red carpet, how they never reveal too much, it’s like a breath of fresh air among the sea of super exposure and brand placement.)

So yeah, the day we met for the project for the first time, they for sure had a Starbucks in hand (I mean, it was the morning!) and they were super warm and pro. They explained why they were interested in our work and how they thought the project would shape up.

I’m not going to give you an explanation in text because everything is explained in the video, but I just wanted to say that after working with them, I love their world even more!!!