I love Felicity’s dress.
It’s by Marques ‘Almeida, a young brand that Kate had told me about and that I find really interesting.

Wearing a dress like this is not easy…

Granted, it’s super comfortable, but if you don’t want to look like you’re literally wearing a bag, you have to accessorize it well – whether it be with gladiator sandals or high-heels at night.
Make sure you moisturize your legs and arms. Yeah, pretty much be on it, that’s the trick.

Actually, it’s really the opposite of the white dress I showed you the other day, that was so feminine it was really cool worn with military boots. I wouldn’t try that with today’s dress!

What do you prefer, a super feminine dress with rougher accessories or a dress like today’s, worn in a super feminine way?

Personally I think I am more of an option two. What about you?

Translation : Tim Sullivan