Here’s a few things that struck me this week:

#1 – A red, black, and white carpet.

The CDFA ceremony was Monday and I was there! Vive le CFDA!

Granted, nothing will ever be like the first time (I mean, it’s not every day that you get the Eugenia Sheppard Award and you end the night drinking with bare-feet under the table at the Boom Boom Room),but it was fun to be there and be a little detached about it…

I was super comfortable in a sequin DVF suit and I could see celebrities lining up to get their photo taken on the red carpet, the photographers yelling out some of their names, totally ignoring others, and some unknowns trying to sneak onto the red carpet to get their 15 minutes of fame.

This little circus always leaves me perplexed, amused, depressed, and completely fascinated all at the same time.

#2 – A Rated R Room.

At a dinner to support the LGBT Community Center, we were greeted in a room that was entirely covered in this mural by Keith Haring (yes, yes. Pretty graphic).

It’s a community center in the center of town (not far from my house) that has been welcoming the LGBT community since the 70s (meaning they’ve seen some dark years)(and there’s still work to do!), and lately they’ve been hosting a lot of gay weddings!

It goes without saying that I support them.

#3 – Marvelous streets.

I love my neighborhood, Greenwich Village. It’s so dreamy when springtime evenings finally arrive.

After a long day of work, I love taking a walk in the final rays of sunshine, sitting on the steps of a brownstone and watching the world go by.

#4 – Shots that burn.

No seriously, literally, those little shots that burn down your throat.

My last trip to Europe did me in. I was so exhausted, I didn’t go to the gym for 3 weeks and could barely lift my arm. Jet lag was killing me.

Delphine, my agent and head honcho (I’m putting together a career interview with her. Don’t hesitate to toss questions our way!!!), said to me:

“Go get some shots at Organic Avenue!”

I said: “I’m okay. I’m off the juicing band-wagon.”

She said: “It’s not a juicing thing. They’re like mini-shots that are chuck full of vitamins. It’ll do a body good.”

I was obedient and she was right. It put me back on my feet.

My favorite was called Dragon’s Breath. It burns down your throat ginger style (Maybe it’s what Keith was on when he painted the room at the LGBT center? Ha!) but I loved it!

That said, I’m not a big fan of drug vocab being applied to food. I know that it’s been around forever (vodka shots, right?) but I hate when I’m walking down the street and there’s a board that says something like “Get your FIX of protein with our delicious chicken…” or something like that.

Is it too much or is it just me? Aaaaah, anyways…

#5 – A Hangout with you.

It was so cool to meet with you yesterday!

Outside of a few technical difficulties (we had to change the computer three times!), it was so great to share a conversation with you, so simple, so awesome.

You can watch it again here on YouTube. I hope to do another if you guys are in and we’re trying to figure out the best way of making it more interactive, so don’t hesitate if you have ideas or questions.

So thank you again to everyone that participated and watched. Nothing brings me more pleasure to sharing moments like this with you and I love the Internet for that reason.

When I started the blog, I responded to each and every comment that I could, and if I could I’d still do it – because it’s really the part that’s most important to me: the conversation.

Next time, I’d love to talk about the blog & photography (I get a lot of e-mails about it) and body image and such (lots and lots of comments about that too), and whatever else you want to talk about!

All you have to do is ask ;-)

I love it.


A Eddie Borgo bracelet: I wore it the night of the CFDAs and I’ll talk to you about it again soon and its super cool New York designer.

Some very 80s music: Nightcall by Kavinsky. Is it even possible to get that kind of music out of your head?

I send big hugs to you all!

Translation : Tim Sullivan