Last week on Saturday I received 545878899 texts from Alex.

She had just discovered a “PLACE. WHERE. YOU. CAN. MAKE. YOUR. OWN. LIPSTICK COOOOOOOOLOOOOR OMG GGGGG” !!!! (they call me G at the studio. In exchange, I call them Al, Em and C !)(We call each other that a lot and we’re very lazy pronunciation wise)…

It was Saturday, so I was certainly sleeping somewhere (somewhere IN MY APARTMENT, I swear) and it didn’t make me raise an eyebrow.
I imagined some sort of overly smelly place, like one of these soap touristy things (sorry to be a party pooper Al) so I was like “yaaaaaaaaaaay” without even a exclamation point at the end of my text.

I’m such a sleepy bitch sometimes.

Because once again, Al was right (she’s one of those people) and the textorhea was not an exaggeration.
Al charmed (now that she doesn’t have bangs anymore she does this things with her eyes that can make me do anything) me into going there and…

Look at the pictures, it should be self-explanatory(well that’s how I envisioned the story, but maybe I’m wrong who knows)(tell me). In a nutshell, you pick your color, they mix it, melt it, freeze it, put in it a tube and then, yaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have your very own lipstick shade.

WE LOVED THE DEXTER ATMOSPHERE BTW, I hope you appreciate it too.
I want to write a murder book that happens in a lipstick shop.

Ok, gotta get ready for the CFDA, enjoy the story and say thank you to Al !!!

Click on the arrows to see more images of the lip lab!

Bite Beauty Lip Lab, $28, 172 Prince St, New York, 10012.