If I had the choice, I wouldn’t be wearing hats right now, seeing as they are one of the casualties of my wardrobe overhaul. Oh, and thanks to my keratin treatment, I finally love my hair!
(Most of the time)
(I mean, you have to hate your hair at least once or twice a week, right?)

But, consider my absolute sun paranoia, I have to protect my skin from harmful rays, like when I take my bike out in Central Park…

SO, I have to wear something on this little head of mine. It’s gotta be either a cap or a hat. Cap or hat. Cap or hat… Hmmmmm. What do you think, cap or hat?
(Tim says “WEAR A HELMET!!! *@&%€*!!!” and he’s right. So, let’s say, when I take a stroll through Central Park)

(I have a leather visor as well, which absolutely deserves its own minipost, just so you can explain to me why everyone cracks up every time I wear it.)

(While you wait for it, here are pictures of cap OR hat)(nobody said you have to wear your hat like a high-top hat like the dumbo in the picture – I do that when I feel ghetto) (so stupid, I know) (nonetheless true!)

Which would you choose? How do you cover you head in the summer? Cap or Hat?

Translation : Tim Sullivan