Here’s two or three things I did this week…

I got back from Las Vegas.

I don’t know if you’ve ever been to Vegas, but it’s the craziest city I’ve ever visited. You have to go at least once to see the faux Eiffel Tower (photo) and the faux Pyramids and the faux New York and the faux Venice.

Oh, and to see Cirque du Soleil. But I’ll talk to you about that in more detail later on.

A little less fun though are the hoards of wandering tourists spending their days in the low-light of the mall-casinos. Ouch.

I took pictures in an awesome apartment.

Monica and Sean’s place (photo) have a huge loft where they live and work at their brand Sea… I’ll show you everything next week.

I realized that I love fruit.

Actually, fruit is my favorite thing (Ok, up there with chocolate).
I realized it while on a shoot a few weeks ago where the catering was chuck-full of delicious fruits. Soooo good.
That’s why, when I got back to New York, I had to feed this new found fruit craving and decided to go to the farmer’s market to get some gooood stuff and there, pffffff…

They only had apples! And three strawberries that seemed like they’d been through a war with one another. I mean… Isn’t it primo season for a lot of fruits?

I’m so lost in NYC sometimes.

I had a Spa day.

Honestly, when it comes down to it, I’d rather get myself a massage than a pair of shoes. I love, love, love massages. It makes me love life again when I’m just beat from traveling.

I took a photo from the pool deck (yeah, they have massage chairs IN the pool!!!)(and you can go totally nude in the pool)(only open to women, or else I wouldn’t have gone for it)(a little weird, but totally awesome at the same time) at the Spa in the Mandarin Oriental in Vegas (where I was staying), and it was one of the best spas I’ve ever been to.

I decided to go to Bali.

I mean, Scott and I decided to go together. I’ve dreamed about Bali for ever. We hope to go this summer so if you’ve been before and have places you think we should go, give me your recommendations!!!

In the meantime, a super cool Balinese restaurant opened in Brooklyn called the Selamat Pagi (photo)(I guess I’ll find out what that means later) and I’m going to go check it asap to see what balinese food is all about.

I decided to never leave home without my own tea.

Give me a good tea and I feel right at home no matter where in the world I am. Everything feels better and life makes more sense.
Give me a bad tea (like the yellow Lipton… I mean, WHO came up with this thing?!) and I want to cry.
I finally figured out a solution. Now, all I need is a little bit of hot water for everything in life to make more sense again. I always have some good tea in my bag.
Yeah, totally a grandma thing, but grandmas know everything!!

I never leave home with my moisturizer.

See above, replace “tea” with “moisturizer”.

And finally, BMOTW (Best Moment Of the Week !!!), THESE GIRLS.

Monday, I was invited to a party that Glamour put together called These Girls.
I didn’t know what it was at first. I mean, Alexa Chung was going to give a little talk, as well as Emma Roberts, Amy Poelher and Zosia Mamet. I thought they’d be telling little stories from their lives but I honestly didn’t know what to expect.

Omg it was so great. It was actually full-on stand up comedy, and I LOVE stand-up comedy !!!

Not only did it confirm all I thought about Alexa Chung (not only is she super stylish but she is just as intelligent, hilarious, and deep. She told a story of her heartbreak and did so with such radiance and humor, it was perfect).

I loved Zosia Mamet too. She’s the actress on Girls that everyone loves and is a pro when it comes to stand-up. Lucy Punch had me cracking up so hard too.

More than anything though, I discovered the brilliant lunacy of Amy Schumer who was so crazy funny (and gross) that I just have to step aside and show you some of her videos. I think she’s gonna get big.

Oh, and I should add that I was seated next to Meg Ryan and oh, she was totally the cutest.

See all these women telling intimate stories from their lives and with such humility, humor, and generosity made me love being a woman. Bravo Glamour.

And with that, I’ll let you go!! Scott finally got back from Barcelona and has a million stories for me.

Wait, nevermind. He fell asleep.

Oh who cares?! I’m gonna wake him up! Big hugs!!!

(Pfff, I thought I would do one little sentence for each photo and put together a punchy short little post but I suffer from a severe and irrevocable logorrhea. Look it up!).

PS: I printed out my Instagram photos using Printic. It’s so cute to see your photos finally jump out of your phone screen and be able to hold them in your hand.