I’m like “Does my title sound weird?” to the girls at the Studio, and they’re like yeah, kinda weird, but then I’m like oh, well, stop having your brain in your pants G, so here with go with the weird title… Jazzmine – I know you have a good sense of humour AND maybe you don’t have your brain in your pants like me.

So, anyways. What I want to talk to you here is the subtle appeal of matte lipstick.

(I just learned that I was named one the most influential women in France – okay 82nd, but that’s still cool, so I’m like, all these serious people are gonna come to my blog and discover the TRUTH about me = that all I talk about is lipstick, and that makes me feel…
Well, okay actually.)

Matte lipstick is so soft and sexy…

(I mean that’s if you apply it on very hydrated lips, no dryness allowed here, come on you guys!)

… and totally glorious if you play with textures, say a shiny sexy hair, a beautiful silky pajama shirt…

(Ok, if you can pull off the pajama shirt. That’s a thing I love, LOVE – did you see Sofia Coppola at the Met? So cool and punk and comfy – Jazz can pull it off. Me? Mmmmm..???)

…and a vintage-y necklace, then I think that’s a totally perfect take on a matte lipstick.

But even without all that, I am totally in for matte. Are you ready for matte?

Jazzmine is wearing a forte_forte pajama top anda Henriette h. necklace.