I’m so sick of the raiiiiinnnn!!!

I feel like spring is never going to come.
I’m telling you, I know what’s going to happen… We’re not going to have a springtime and we’re gonna go straight from winter to summer we’ll sweat right through our tank-tops praying for a breeze to come save us.

I wrote that yesterday and apparently that’s exactly what’s happening today in New York !

So annoying, especially because I am so on top of it when it comes to springtime trends, like take these for example:

The Cropped Top

A new invention made just to mess with girls’ heads like me who don’t have abs (or at least, our abs are well insulated) pffff. I have, of course, decided to ignore this trend.
And I mean, why would anyone older than 12 ever want to wear a cropped top, right? (she says, picking her bruised ego up off the floor.)

The Grunge Chic

Grunge 1/ Grunge
Of course, yes, I love grunge. I want to totally take on grunge. Grunge is mine. Let’s see…
I have a pair of torn up black totally +++ pants (Are they grunge or maybe just end of stock from the Mango in Ajaccio?)(Answer: Fine. End of stock from Mango in Ajaccio), a Phillip Lim I love New York t-shirt with the heart upside down from his grunge collection (is this one grunge or crypto-punk?) AND as you know I totally missed my chance with Dries Van Noten and Céline Birks.

I think I’ll get myself back in the game with some real Birks but I can’t figure out if I should go with black or white. What do you think?

Grunge 1/ Plaid
I already told you that I missed out on the whole Dries collection! Those are the only ones that make me want to break the bank for some plaid. All that’s left to do now is to steal Lara’s stuff.

Lara Melchior Photo

Grunge 2/ Flowers
Mmmmm, not so interested.


I. Love. Ruffles.


Okay team, I’m SUPER ready for this one. I have so many pairs of pink pants, and a pink shirt I can wear them with. I know, it’s kind of a lot, but ever since Kim K pulled off her head-to-toe (Could you put together a more head-to-toe look than this one here?)(Seriously though, I’m not making fun of her or anything. I thought it was a cool outfit)(Honestly, I think it was cool.)(Why doesn’t anyone believe me?) at the Met, I’m much more comfortable with a head-to-toe ensemble.
Back on topic: Long live pink.


You crazy?! Way too complicated with all the layers and everything… No thank you.


Yep, you read that correctly. Mods! 60s Mod like the Marc Jacobs collection this season. Beautiful on the runway. The one trend all magazines didn’t know what to do with and went with a “Who is Polly Maggoo” editorial?
Pfff, NOPE. I am NOT Polly Maggoo.


Sorry, what did you just say?


As we speak, I’m getting rid of everything that isn’t white from my closet. Okay, I’m exaggerating, but just not really. Ok. Yeah. I’m exaggerating in the way that I I’m terrible at getting rid of much of anything from my closet. But : love white.


Voilà, and that’s my special “I have zero personality” recap of spring trends. There might be some missing but as you know, this ain’t no Style.com.

Next time if you’d like, I’ll talk to you about my actual style, like my totally fresh of the press style. Yep. I changed some stuff AND am experimenting with a few things and it all brings me such fashion JOY… Trends just add a little fun to all that.

What trends do you see around that you’ve adopted?


In the photo, Lily is wearing a Chloé top and some Marni pants.