Here are seven tips for you to have a victorious Sunday even when it’s raining WITHOUT A BREAK SINCE SA@#$URDAY NIIIGHTTTT

– Reorganize your entire closet.
Start by putting the clothes you don’t want anymore in a big pile on the floor. Realize that you’ve trapped yourself in the closet and oh look! You found those nail-polishes you were supposed to try out.

– Do your own mani-pedi at home.
Get out all the gear, including the cuticule stuff. File, moisturize, push down all the cuticles, etc. Apply your first coat of red and then decide to wait for the first hand to dry (“I want this to look perfect!”). Decide to make another cup of coffee while you’re waiting. Mess up the mani trying to open your cabinet to get the coffee out. Tell yourself you’ll go ahead and fix the mani, just after you make the coffee.

– Get cookin’.
Get out all the ingredients, the mixers, peelers, everything you need, and start by cutting up vegetables to make a ratatouille. Suddenly remember that actually, you’re supposed to be at brunch in a half-hour. Leap over the wall of clothes you’ve made on the floor in front of your closet and put on whatever you can find since nothing looks right anymore anyway (“Pfff, it’s raining anyways”)

– Take a Sunday nap, such ultimate luxury.
Back from brunch, get into bed with a good book on your iPad, ughhhh so lucky… Close your eyes softly, almost fall asleep to the sound of the rain, quietly dreaming of the beach. See yourself in the sun, walking down the beach in a…

– Grab your iPad again and start doing a little bathing suit shopping.
You’ll get to the nap in 5 minutes but right now, you want that bathing suit. Go to Net-À-Porter, J.Crew, Zara, Ssense, Département Féminin, Asos… Spend four hours on it and buy too much stuff.

Decide to workout a little to release all these emotions.
Find your way back into your closet which at this point, has been renamed “The Apocalypse” and try to locate some workout clothes. Go to the kitchen to get water and realize all your ingredients are still waiting for you to cook them. Start putting everything away again. Forget working out (“Pfff, it’s raining anyways”)

– Decide that you finally have time to watch Rust and Bone.
Make a pot of tea, get out the blanket, and fall comfortably onto the couch. Aaaaah…


End the day in workout clothes on your couch, one hand (poorly) polished, the other not at all, in an incredibly messy apartment, pennyless, eating raw carrots while crying watching Rust and Bone.

Can you think of anything better?