I know, Caroline’s outfit is perfect once again. Don’t even get me started on girls who are so graceful like this all the time… pffff.

But wait.
Guess what I want to talk about?

I want to talk about the fact that her shirt isn’t tucked into her jeans. Man, that is one important conversation we need to have.

It’s not tucked in perfectly like Meredith Melling Burke. It’s not tucked in up front and flowing out the back like Emmanuelle Alt.

Nope, completely untucked.

Does that mean Caroline Issa is a trend rebel? Or is this a new trend? Or does it depend on what the outfit is?

How do you wear your shirts?

Pssss: I may or may not have been seen at the Vogue Festival in London with my shirt totally out and free to move around as it wished – and to be honest, I wrestled with the question of whether or not to do it for at least two minutes. Yeah, I said it. It was a pretty intense two minutes.

Translation : Tim Sullivan