It took getting totally drunk years to finally understand how to make up my eyes.

In make up tutorials, almond shaped eyes, like mine (I’ve heard it’s called a hooded eyelid, a name I don’t really super like, even though it’s still better than in France, where it’s called a falling eyelid, which I am totally against cause what woman wants to having something referred to as falling, uh? Totally against.) don’t really exist.

When they show you how to apply eye makeup, it’s always on the upper eyelid.

So I tried, of course. I took hours trying. It was sublime… When my eyes were closed…

As soon as I would open them, not only would you not see any of the makeup (hidden in the fold, the bastard) but half of it had gone gluing itself to the upper side of the upper lid. I know I am not clear here, but stick with me.

So I kind of went Eat Pray Love about eye makeup and I let it go. I focused on my lips and was only wearing mascara. Eye shadow was for others.

Yeaaaaaah guys, you’re right. I am not extremely makeup gifted.

Well. Maybe that’s why that on a total Hangover 2 morning that I found the solution. I had obviously went Eat Pray Love and had let go of my evening makeup removing ritual and had slept in it, clothes included. In the morning, while looking at myself through mojito vapors (mmmm, mojitos!), that I had an epiphany.

I was drunk hot!!! My mascara had all ran under my eyes and I must have rubbed my eyes during the night cause the line was perfect. Whhhou! To celebrate, I went for a second cup of mojito coffee and I drew a few conclusions:

Almond eyes (yes) don’t follow the same rules as other eyes. Instead of trying to make them bigger, it’s better to try to elongate them by playing with their shape and…
Not to hesitate to not make up the upper lid.

I finished my training on this makeup the other day. I was on a shoot in Paris and as I was about to have my makeup done, I explained to the makeup artist what I thought looked good on me. She understood right away and I loved her makeup so much that I asked Eva, who was working with me on the shoot, to take my picture.

And so Julie, the adorable make up artist, gave me a few tips :

  • Put almost nothing on the top lid, just a very thin black line on the lashes.
  • Don’t hesitate to really elongate the eye, making almost an inversed cat eye.
  • You can even make that look with mascara, it blends subtely with the skin.

I think that’s it, easiest make up in the world.

You can even do it while you’re drunk.


But thanks to Julie Nozières for the make up and Eva Tuerbl for the photo and for being such adorable work companions. Also, thanks Eva for the awesome hat!