What happened to me? Seriously, I don’t know.

I was just visiting the Chanel pop-up store on rue Saint Honoré (very, very smart & cool idea from Chanel) when a very talented salesman came over to me. For some reason we chatted (maybe cause I am crazy chatty?) and talked about the espadrilles I shot a while ago on Lara and I was telling him I liked them but I would never wear them…bla, bla, bla…

He was like : “Are you sure?”
I was like : “Oh man, NEVER! They’re cute on others but never on me, ahah, Chanel espadrilles!”
He was like : “Wanna try them, just for fun?”
I was like : “Oh nooooo… Oh well, okay, let’s lol together!”
He was like : “All right. See, they’re nice.”
I was like : “Shit, you’re right. They’re kinda awesome.”
He was like : “Okay, it was just for you to see! I felt you’d like them.”
I was like : “Arrrrrgh. WRAP THEM.”
He was like : “You don’t have to.”
I was like : “I said WRAP THEM AND FAST.”

So that’s what happened guys. And that’s how two years after telling you I’d never wear them, I am the happy owner of a pair of espadrilles.

And you… Did you change your mind? Yes or no to espadrilles?