To tell you the truth, the reason I’ve been so lazy on the blog for the last two days is that I am in Paris after two weeks of intense busying around, it’s a holiday week in Paris and everything is running extra slow, and I have decided to get into the Paris groove because, as my sister Sacha, 18, says :
“No way I am working on my revisions for my exams during holidays. It’s psychotic.”

So here’s what I’m doing…

1/ I pay a visit to my Parisian friends, which I can never do during fashion week, cause during fashion week I am a crazy person with a split personality, just like everybody else.
2/ Pay a visit to all the new Paris addresses you gave me. Paris has changed!!!
3/ Ask myself how I totally missed the Dries Van Noten grunge collection, it was so cool and there is obviously nothing left in the stores. Good for Dries, bad for G, late again!
Lara was faster, and she got this beautiful jacket that I am very jealous of.
4/ Do the opposite of diet. (But why is bread so goooood in France? And so… EVERYWHERE? And CAN WE TALK ABOUT CORSICAN CHEESE?)
5/ Shop for my friends at Monoprix, apparently the one thing that French girls miss the most.
6/ Totally forget about Jillian, my virtual coach. I feel like my abs are gonna die when I am back. Maybe I should bring Jillian some Corsican Cheese? (Virtual?)
7/ Okay, I could share uninteresting stuff for hours, just cause I am soooo lax (is that even a word? Who knows) so off I’ll go, to the Flore if you want to know.
And I give you a big kiss!!!

PS : Yeah, obv when I am back to real life, we’ll talk about Kim’s dress at the Met Gala. Yes, this is real life. And yes, I promise. You liked it?