I’d love to have great eyebrows like Ana for a day. Just to feel what it’s like.

Mine are pretty small and thin.
It’s not my fault, I haven’t over-epilated them or anything. I just pluck those who get outside of the line, like you (I guess?).
They are just the way they are, à la Kate Moss (Or so I reassure myself).

What’s funny is that each time a make up artist comes close to me, he absolutely tries to give me a big long, dark brow and each time I find myself in the bathroom trying to erase it.

With thick brows, I can’t recognize myself, it totally changes my face and even if it’s supposed to look better, I don’t know, it freaks me out cause I don’t feel like myself.
Each time I realize how much eyebrows define a face. Freaky.

(What also freaks me out is the traced eyebrow, I find that you always notice it and that it could be the MUTITW – Most Unchic Thing In The World and WHY, why do certain women draw a line with orangy liner? Can’t they see themselves in the mirror? Are they colorblind? Why.)

(Oh, other freaky eyebrows thing, last time I met a girl who’d had her eyebrows transplanted (yes, nowadays, one can really have anything transplanted), but, mmm, saying that the intervention is not yet perfect would be a euphemism, if I may say. Oh and even weirder? Those transplanted brows grow, just like hair. So you have to cut them regularly if you don’t want them to fall in you face!!!)(and you could like, make a braid with them eventually?)(Redruuuuuuuuum!)

So, the only thing I found to make my brows look ok without feeling like I am someone else is to put a little bit of brown powder, sometimes. It’s soft and discreet.

How do you take care of your brows? Do you epilate them? Do you make them up? Would you have them transplanted? (don’t).