I’m lost in my own city! I kept saying that to myself as I was walking on the sunny streets of Paris. I don’t even remember what direction to take the metro.

I should say that I had just landed that morning at Charles de Gaulle and was still wiped by jet lag. After dropping my bags off at the hotel and taking a shower, I was off to go find my friend Jazzmine.

I met Jazzmine in Italy and we’ve never really lost touch, but between all of our travels, it had been a while since we actually sat down and had coffee together. Jazzmine is half American and half Swedish, and after some time in Milan, she had moved to Paris with her love…

I was strolling through the streets of Montmartre when suddenly I hear “Garaaaaaance!” It was Jazzmine, up on her balcony with a friend.

I flew up the stairs four at a time and her dog greeted me – or actually almost flipped me over. I wanted to give Jazzmine a big hug, when she gave me her cheek for a “bise” (two kiss on the cheeks, very Parisian).

We sat around the table with tea, coffee, fresh fruit, little pastries, and lots of cigarettes (all together, very Parisian) and we cracked up catching up with each other.

That’s when I realized that Jazzmine spoke perfect French, with just a little Jane Birkin-esque accent in her voice.

As for me, whenever I get to France now, I find myself looking for the right word all the time.

Her apartment was super pretty and not over-decorated, more like a mix of antiques and items she brought back from various travels (which is also super Parisian). You could hear the sounds coming up from the street, French sentences being bandied about… It all reminded me of my life long ago when I had an apartment that kind of looked like hers and I’d yell off the balcony to friends coming by to visit.

A few hours later, I went to go meet another Parisian friend, not far from Jazz.

When Jazz started to show me how to get to my other friend, I was sitting there trying to figure it out on my Google Maps. The whole thing was pretty ironic.

One Parisian fades away, another one is born.

PS: After spending the weekend in London, I’m on my way back to Paris and I’m going to test out some of the places you recommended! Merci!!!

Jazzmine is wearing Roseanna and Henriette H.