As some of you have noticed in my videos, I’m crazy about coats. I think I like them even more than bags and shoes. Plus they kind of have a skinnying effect so if your boyfriend jeans are starting to fit you or if you’re not up to date on your Jillian Michaels, get out a nice coat and everything is forgiven. Well don’t go as far as wearing it in bed, but…

Now the thing is that the temperature is going up (it was so hot in New York yesterday!) and I feel kind of naked without my coats on.
But the other thing is that the springtime trend is light coats, oh yeah!

(What? Were all the designers inspired by my videos or something?)(Bahahaha)

So here I am jumping head first into this spring trend.

I totally fell in love with Keisha’s jacket here, a most sublime Zara (So cool that I believe they are out of stock) but anyway, it would be a little too long for me. And here are some others that I’m just dying for….

Yeah, don’t get your hopes up though. This one by Dries Van Noten is pretty much sold out everywhere you check (Unless you know something I don’t?) but I love the other ones as well.

Anyway… Which one do you like best?

Keisha is wearing this Zara coat, and awesome shorts from OAK. The other coats are Rochas, Miu Miu, Jil Sander and Topshop!