Since I’ve started my home workout program, I’m becoming a fanatic.

It’s weird cause I usually hate doing “soulless exercise,” and honestly, with this whole home gym thing, I’ve been really surprised.
I started to get totally into push ups (I can finally do more than half a push up!!!), crunches (still a loooaaaat of work) and finally replaced my beer bottles (which was the best thing I had around to use as weights) with real hand weights…

It’s so weird, cause you spend all that egocentric time looking at yourself in the mirror in ridiculous positions. But it works and I’m liking it. Staying at home saves me so much time and I do short little workouts (20 minute intervals), so I don’t have time to get bored. And then voilà, two weeks later and I’ve worked out EVERY SINGLE DAY which is so crazy considering I am the laziest girl ever.

I’ve even converted a few friends over to my videos (Jillian Michaels) and I’m thinking about forming a little workout club to go train in Central Park on the weekends. I think it’ll be hilarious, if you wanna come join us ;-)