If there is one thing I don’t steal from my boyfriend, it’s his beauty products. There are only three things I discovered through him and it’s the Khiel’s Crème de Corps, the Aqua de Cuba from Santa Maria Novella fragrance and, mmmm, well, his razors.

That’s why the other day, when I received this men’s razor at the Studio – that had been sent just for me, I told myself it was time I came out.

So, here it goes :

Not only do I shave, but I also prefer men’s razors.

I shave for many reasons – obviously because it’s fast, but also because epilation makes my skin go crazy, red and gives it ingrown hairs (I tried everything, wax, epilating machines, frequent scrubs, nothing works!) and with a razor, you don’t have to wait until your hair grows to have super smooth legs.

One day, I’ll have time to go laserize all this – I did it for the bikini and it litteraly changed my life. But while waiting, razor.

Oh, and why do I prefer men’s razors?
Because I find them to be more precise, I feel like they are easier to handle. Some of them come with more blades, which gives a super perfect result. Last but not least, they are not… pink ahah.
They look better.

It’s funny, I wasn’t too proud of my whole shaving story, but one day a man told me :

“What’s sexy is not necessarily a perfectly smooth leg.
It’s to imagine the woman shaving for you.”

Ahem, interesting…

What do you do? Shave or wax? Do you steal your boyfriends razors? Does he hate you after that? Or have you found the ultimate feminine razor?