My friend Violaine is pregnant (Yeeeey!!!), and all her outfits are so simple and cool that it gives you the feeling that figuring out what to wear when your belly is round is the easiest thing in the world.

Which isn’t true at all, even if Violaine, being naturally thin and can still wear most of her old outfits, there are still a few things that you really can’t avoid. Like maternity jeans for example. These ones are from J Brand and what is funny is that in the beginning, Violaine didn’t even want to hear about it.

It’s funny, I think it’s happened three times now where friends swear that they’ll never walk through the doors of a maternity shop (I don’t know why?) and then finally end up cracking and buying maternity jeans. They put those jeans on and feel alive again.

Interlude I love her shoes.

Voilà!!! Big hugs to Violaine and to all the little babies out there!!! (???)

Translation : Tim Sullivan