1 / Me? I don’t have any tattoos. Why is that?
Because my tattoo ideas have always been very stupid (the worst, get this: a fairy in the woods on my back. I know, I know…), but I’ve always been saved by my three month rule: If my idea is still doing it for me after three months, I’ll get it done.
Nothing has ever made it two weeks.

Since then, I succeeded in convincing myself that it’s not because I only have stupid tattoo ideas, but because I am a real rebel, and that to be a real rebel today is to have no tattoos. Lol, whatever.

2 / That said, tattoos are still very fascinating to me.
All right, maybe a little bit less since everybody has one…

3 / Cause I don’t know how it is where you live, but in New York, a tattoo is so common that asking someone something like :

“But do you think you could have a job with tattoos on your hands?” has become a real joke.

It’s a true thing though. They’re called “Job-stoppers” and some tattoo artists refuse to do them. Like hand tattoos or neck tattoos, for example, the ones you can’t hide, the ones that guarantee that you’ll never be a bank teller.

“That’s exactly it! What a Guarantee! Perfect!,” a friend once said to me.

4 / My grandma, who was born in a very small Berberian village in Morocco, had tattoos on her legs and all over her face.
Tattoos were done very early there, it was an embellishment as well as a protection against spirits and a way to show which tribe you were from. It was also a way to mark your pains in a symbolic language made of little crosses, dots, crescents…

I have always found that to be sublime and extremely mysterious as my grandma would never talk about them.

This is not my grandma, but this is to give you an idea…

5 / Does it hurt ?
“Yes, a little, but it’s part of the experience,” a friend tells me. “Like, take my third tattoo, I had it done up my hipbone and I almost didn’t feel the pain, I was a little frustrated.”

6 / Do you become addicted?
“Yes!!!” Everybody says.

7 / One of my friends wants to get a tattoo under her clavicle, and as soon as I heard about it the first thing I said was, “Nope. Not there!” She gave me a look and said, “Every time you say nope, and then right after, you want to take a photo of it.”

Oh yeah? By the way…This is from the friend in the photo above.

And then I asked her, “But what if you want to wear a pretty strapless dress, how would you pull that off?” She rolled her eyes and said “Pfffffffff!” (She’s French. Pfffffffff is a French thing, but you get it.)

8 / Three of my friends are in the middle of getting tattoos removed which apparently hurts 10 times more and costs 20 times more than getting one.

9 / “Yes, but the option still exists at least,” say three of my friends who all want to get tattoos.

10 / The shoulder tattoo trended the 90s, the low back tattoo trended in the 95s, the foot tattoo trended in the 00s, the inside the arm tattoo trended in the 05s, the wrist tattoo trended in the 10s.
Could a tattoo be a good sign of your age?

11 / If I’m on the subway, for example, and you have a tattoo on your leg or on your back or even between your breasts, do you mind me looking at it? Do you want me to look at it?
Are tattoos a form of art? And in that case, do you want to share it?

If your sleeve is hiding your tattoo, do you mind me asking you to pull it up?

12 / In any case, they’re amazing conversation starters, much less dangerous than “Do you have a light?” And a lot less responsibility than a dog.

13 / Well now, I wouldn’t get a tattoo, but if Scott wants to get a “Garance Forever” tattoo, what? I wouldn’t be against it ;)

So now, are you getting a tattoo, or are you a total rebel, like me? (ahahah)

PS: The photo of the woman with tattoos is by Marc Garanger.

Translation : Tim Sullivan