I was always interested by the business side of fashion.
It helps to understand what we see in the shows, in the stores, in the magazines… And what we wear and why.

I had always found that the PPR group was really compelling, be it for their brand portfolio, the freedom left to the designers or their approach of sustainability for example. And after meeting their team in New York a few times, I knew I really wanted to talk about it.

That’s why when the group asked if I would like to participate in their name change by making videos to show my vision of their world, I jumped for joy!
I was going to meet designers I loved, but also CEOs and their chairman, François-Henri Pinault.

It’s really a different type of work for me, sometimes intimidating because it puts me slightly out of my comfort zone, but I was asked to really stay myself and keep my ways.

I am very humbled by the trust and freedom that’s been given to me, and I am also very proud!

The group will officially change names on the 18th of June, it will now be called Kering and you’ll understand why when you watch this video, the first of a series of five.

Welcome to Kering and a huge thank you to the wonderful team.