What I love about the men Scott loves to photograph is their soft, confident virility.

I remember the day I discovered his blog, I could see men I wouldn’t see anywhere else. I was surrounded by rockers in skinny pants (Sorry guys! Love you!) and in fashion magazines they were so perfect and manicured and perfectly shaved (or perfectly un-shaved, Tom Ford-like) that I wasn’t touched at all…

On Scott’s blog they were beautiful and imperfect. You could feel a certain uneasiness in the pictures as they were not used to being photographed. Still the case today.

I know a lot of them and they are just as charming in real life.
Most of them are so galant, it’s irresistible.

Here is Scott’s new Lunch for 25 video.

I love to be a voyeur, being able to spend some time in the company of men without having their behaviour altered by my presence (ok, that totally sounds Mean Girls, but you know what I mean, guys change in the presence of a woman!) I watched it three times already, I really hope you enjoy it.