Let’s talk about beauty.

There are moments when we think we’re beautiful, sublime even.
And then suddenly, you catch your reflection in the mirror and realize that your hair is flat, your skin is oily, and your bottom has declared a state of independence. Argh.

There are moments when we think we’re ugly.
And that’s usually when we meet the man of our dreams.

I never thought that beauty is something concrete. For me…

what we really look like, we can see in the way people who love us look at us.

All we have to do is try to take care of ourselves enough to look good in their eye.

If I really think that though, I wonder why I spend my entire home life in sweatpants.

I’ve never found that beauty does any huge favors.

Sometimes, I dream of being devastatingly beautiful, but then I come to understand that devastating beauty can be a sneaky burden for a woman.

I see it all the time because I meet a lot of beautiful girls. In my line of work, a beautiful woman will very soon get invited to all the parties and get invites to be in the front row at fashion shows. It might seem comfortable to have it easy like that, but it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

Beauty is a double-edge sword: it tries to guide you down paths without true substance or a future, those paths where you only live through your beauty.

Yet still, at times, I dream of being devastatingly beautiful.

My friends and I have the stupidest game we call “beautiful/not beautiful.”
The more friends, the better. You grab a magazine or whatever, and then talk about who you find really beautiful.
It’s amazing to hear how opinions differ. We don’t agree a lot, for example about:

Eva Mendez, Cate Blanchett and Penelope Cruz.

Proof that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

And then there are some that we all can agree on: Lauren Hutton.

Here is a quote from a very important movie, Mean Girls:

“You’re like, really pretty”
“Thank you!”
“So you agree, you think you’re really pretty?”

Aahahah :)

(Question: Do we always have to be self deprecating when talking about ourselves ?)

The most beautiful women have their imperfections. Lauren Hutton.

That said, Jane Birkin is perfect.

I have come to the conclusion that today, you’d be better off with a perfect body and a whatever face, than the opposite… Don’t you think?

True beauty has seen a few years and “The hidden beauty of the ugly comes out with no delays.” – Serge Gainsbourg
(Sorry trying to translate Serge is awfully difficult but I tried :))

Some girls think they are so sublime that they end up convincing everyone around them that they are. Alex calls that the Gisele Bündchen Complex (Not that Gisele has that complex, but just that the girls think they are Gisele Bündchen) and honestly, I’d love to have it.

I think life is so much nicer when you think you’re sublime.

Let’s live as if we were sublime creatures.

So I tried to live as if I was sublime one day, and went to say hello to a guy I didn’t know.
He totally ignored me.
But wait, what tells me that he would not have totally ignored the sublime woman as well ?

So let’s go back to my first question: Do you think you’re beautiful?


PS: The sweater in the illustration is inspired by Kenzo!

Translation : Tim Sullivan