I’m so against the concept that “it was better back in the day…” that every time I get a better back in the day thought I give myself a slap (only in my head though, sheesh. I’m not masochist, nope.)

That said, I have to tell you : It was better back in the day…

It was better back in the day when every downtown didn’t look exactly the same and when you couldn’t find the exact same shops in Tokyo and Paris and New York. One of the best parts about traveling was bringing back things you couldn’t find back home.

It could’ve been trinkets, books, clothes, whatever…

For me, of course, it was outfits.

We’d bring back J.Crew from New York, Doc Martens from London, Invicta bags from Italy (please don’t google those if you want to keep any sense of confidence in my taste level)(Aaaalll right, go for it, Google them), Birkenstocks from Germany, and APC jeans from Paris… The list goes on.
We’d bring back suitcases full of stuff, bring back presents for our friends. It was enough to immediately transform you into a fashion hero. Oh, it was so good back then…

Now, you can find everything everywhere. And if you can’t find it in your city, you just have to go online.

I know… I mean… It’s pretty great. No more yearning, no frustration.

But let me tell you, one of my favorite things to do when I go to Milan is to go to Porselli. I love their ballet flats and get totally caught up in the non-marketed charm of the place.

The boutique has two Italian women who don’t understand a word of English. The logo obviously didn’t wasn’t born from a creative brief. Their website still uses Flash (so 2005). They fit it a little random, you have to try on the shoes. The colors too, meaning they ask for your size and then look in the back, climb a couple ladders (the ladders may or may not be random as well) and see what colors are left in your size.

You can order them if you want though: deliveries come in every Thursday.

And the cherry on top is that they’re pretty difficult to find outside of Milan, so the shoes alone are worth the trip.

A real asshole snobbish item, I mean. I love them.

Wait… Shit. Was I just trapped by non-marketing marketing ? Aarrrrrrgh.

Translation : Tim Sullivan