If there’s one thing I like about fashion week, it’s seeing how some will find so many different ways of wearing one particular item. I’m totally the type to fall in love with a bag, a pair of pants, or a jacket and wear it every day until I’m so tired of it I feel like need to throw it out the window.

This pair of pants here, if Rei ever got to the point of wanting to throw them out the window, I’d be the first to be waiting at the bottom to catch them.

Ok, I’d need to go to Tokyo now? But that wouldn’t be so bad, would it?

This ensemble here is my favorite look I think. Not so much so because it’s an ensemble, but mostly because I love the sandy colors she chose, and her super simple bag, and that too, if ever she decides to toss it out the window, I’ll be… Yeah, you get it.

Oh, also. When the time comes to toss her earrings out the… Okay, I’ll stop.

Which one is your favorite look?