Every time I get back to NYC I have a bag full of products you can’t get – or at least are really hard to get – in New York.
It’s not necessarily the most glamorous things you miss when you’re away from home. It’s the little stuff. Some of them I use everyday… Others I like to have for nostalgia. Let’s start with nostalgia, here are some things that remind me of my life in France (even if they’re not at all French) going all the way back to my childhood:

Dermophil Indien Lip Balm: Aaaahhh, the scent of Dermophil Indien! The best lip balm in the world, to me. I’ve used it since I was a kid. You’ll notice I drew the old package. With this type of iconic product, I don’t approve (!!!) when the packaging gets changed. Bring back my old Dermophil!

Crème Nivea: Still the best, in perfect packaging. I love everything about it, the scent, the texture, the fact that you can use it everywhere, in the more intimate zones (yep) as well as your hair (yep yep) – even if I don’t really use it as a body lotion… A little too thick. Still, unconditional and eternal love without divorce (—> This is a French schoolgirl expression : “amour éternel et sans divorce”).

Monsavon Soap: Total nostalgia as well. I love the simplicity of the packaging and the idea that it’s pure as milk.

And then there are some I use all the time:

Bioderma Créaline: Great, great, great makeup remover, even if maybe not the best in terms of hydration. I don’t care, I still love it, especially when I want to feel like I have nothing at all on my face.

Embryolisse Cream: in the winter when my skin is really dry.

Ictyane HD Cream: (One of my face essentials I told you about here – ok ok ok so I’ve been a little unfaithful lately but still) For everyday. Amazing. Light. Soft. Can’t be beat.

And finally, the great timeless classics…

Elnett Hairspray: Used by every hairdresser no matter what they tell you. And by me too, when I need to fix my biiiiip bun (even if I’m trying to wane myself off my bun, but more on that later…)

Mavala Nail Polish: Cute. Small. Good. I love their little bottle too. Everything that’s small is cute (—> French expression again!!! “Tout ce qui est petit est mignon”). This is coming from me who NEVER finishes her pots of nail polish – small is good.

Voilà!!! Did I forget anything? What do you all bring back from France (I mean beauty wise – I know you’re all stuffing your luggages with Corsican cheese)? What about from the US ?