Finally back at home and back to normal life, with time to chill out on a Sunday (very important to chill on Sundays) and take a step back and have one minute to think.

I love the month of shows. I really do.

But I also love it because it gives me a little poke every six months to remind me how much I love my daily life.

Right now, fashion is being taken rather literally.
We talked about this earlier that the shows allow for beautiful streetstyle photos that are like eye candy, that I love and gobble up like they’re peanut butter M&M’s – but it’s not really what excites me about fashion.

What I love is watching the shows, taking it all in, and then imagining what kind of woman I’m going to be in the months to come.

It reminds me of when, at the end of summer, around the 15th of August, I’d leave my little village (no magazines in my little village) just to go to the tiny town next door and buy all the magazines I could get my hands on.
It took me around six hours round trip, but that never phased me.

My mother used to tell me that I was crazy to spend so much money on magazines.

I’d get home, get myself set with a big coffee and literally lick the pages as I went through. I would memorize each and every page of Vogue Collections.
And then every day until back to school, I’d read and re-read each page and think about what I could do with the clothes I already had in my wardrobe and what pieces I’d have to invest in with the money I made during summer. Not all of it, mind you. I was much more into saving my money for travel and going out.

That’s what my mother didn’t understand : the money I spent on the magazines was enough to feed my imagination for months!
I didn’t really even need to buy new clothes. The important thing was to let my imagination wander, to be inspired, and dream.

That’s how my love of fashion was born, and it still continues like this today.

And that’s definitely why still to this day, I’m touched by the way someone wears their clothes and how their personality comes across more than with an outfit that feels like it come straight out of the runway.

I like fashion that has been interpreted, made personal. Like Carolina in this photo, who has a type of easiness in her style that I like.

So back to cool, looking through and taking in all the information that I captured during the fashion weeks, and then figuring out what it means for me.

We’ll see what’s left when August 15th rolls around!

What about you, where was your taste for fashion born ?