I was strolling through the Valentino boutique in Milan, when I stopped in front of these necklaces.

I love the attention given to the presentation of the accessories- I don’t even know if the collars were on sale, but it’s perfect. It really brings modernity to the necklaces.

I asked if I could take pictures, and after a phone call, I was told I could. Of course I got a little greedy and started shooting the whole store. And a couple of days later I did the same thing at the Paris store, which just opened.

Total love. I love the mix of materials, I love the beautiful wooden stairs that fill the space, the lamps, and obviously, the wonderful dresses.

It’s important to visit the stores of the brands we love. Everybody should do it! Even if you don’t buy anything, being able to see the beauty of the clothes up close is purely ravishing.

Do you remember my Valentino video?

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