Arrrrrgh Raquel, give me my hair back!

I loved the Bottega Veneta show, especially the hairdos, so much so that I waited around after the show to see them in the light of day. Yep, just like a groupie!
I ended up running into one of my favorite models, the sublime Raquel Zimmerman. So double the happiness that I get to show you this photo.

No, triple.

Because her hair… HER HAIR. It’s exactly like mine! I have the same curls (mine changes diameter depending on whether or not I’m in New York (small and stressed) or Paris (more relaxed)(Don’t go jumping to any conclusions. It has to due with the humidity).
And to get the smooth look like this, I just have to wear barrettes in it and let it dry.

Finger in the nose.

The question is (you know me): does this hairstyle I love so much work with my personality? At least most hairdressers that get their hands on my hair seem to tell me it is. It’s what you all seem to tell me whenever we talk about these crazy curls of mine.
But every time I leave the house with my curls down, I always end up with my hair up by the end of the day. Whenever I have my hair down, I dunno, it just doesn’t seem to match my personality.

Maybe it’s time to change my personality ;-)

What about you? You like this hair or is it too editorial ?