When it’s cold and there is no sun, happiness is a colorful coat. It pumps up everybody’s mood and it’s perfect for the complexion. Red is perfection.

So that’s what I did yesterday – I was so tired of looking like a Walking Dead extra that I put on the red. Here is a picture Scott took of me.

So obviously, the moment I take anti-zombie face measures, the sun comes back. Oh well.

(Ok, ok!!! I know. White bag with white shoes? Fashion crazyness, breaking of all the fashion rules! Too matchy matchy G, seriously! Yeah all right but that’s not the subject – the subject is red I remind you. Well the thing is, I didn’t have time to change my bag. But we dont care as the subject is RED !)

Apart from that, right now I am really into white shoes and I love my white purse – I’ll tell you about it later.

Now for some real red perfectionness, let’s go back to Joanna Hillman.

Pfffff Oh my god this post doesn’t mean anything, look – doesn’t it just smell like end of fashion week when I am all tired and my brain is just all cray cray blah blah? I guess sooooo!
Ok! Three more days! I will survive!!!!! Or not.

PS: My jacket is Kenzo; Handbag, Valextra; Pumps, Christian Louboutin; Jeans, Zara; Sweatshirt, Uniqlo; Sunglasses, Ray Ban