The first day of New York fashion week, my friend Daphné (You’ve seen her here and in this Pardon My French and who has the coooolest style) told me that she started her own mini fashion challenge during fashion week.
I immediately thought : “What a delightful idea !”

We should all do that, right? Fashion challenges. C’mon, it’ll be fun.

She decided that she was going to try wear a white shirt every day.

(No, the yellow taxis in the background weren’t on purpose. We really were looking for a taxi after the Phillip Lim show.)(I know, we’re so stylish that the taxis coordinate with our outfits.)(It should be noted that we ended up spending like eight hours trying to find at taxi.)

So I haven’t been following her around like a crazy person (almost though), but the days that I have seen her, she has stayed true to her challenge.

Mucho respecto.

Oh, I am thinking about what could be my own fashion challenge, what to you think of old rock / sports tees ? Is it too easy ?