It’s great to have access to instant shows and livestreams, but it’s also pretty annoying.

You watch them, you drool over a jacket, but you know you’re gonna have to wait months before it hits the store.
But the thing is – a show is not only ideas about what to buy. The best stylists in the world are working on creating the perfect outfits and you can find a million great styling ideas just watching them. I use that all the time to refresh my wardrobe.

So I told myself, why not share ? Make a new blog section ? And give that new section another crazy name ?

Yeah ! So let’s call it : Things I Can Do Right Now. And today, we’re gonna talk about layering coats and jackets.

Oh, like, today, a watery snow (the worst kind of snow !) is falling on Milan. What did I do?
I layered my transparent raincoat over my usual coat. It’s light, perfect for that weather and I feel like I am wearing a totally new coat.

Ok, sometimes layering can be intimidating. Did I put the right floral shirt over the right denim shirt under the right printed jacket?! But with coats and jackets, it becomes super simple. Two favorite coats? Throw them on together à la The Row. Your favorite leather jacket isn’t quite warm enough for winter? Wear it on top of or under your coat for added warmth and some Altuzarra chicness. The biggest thing to keep in mind is balance. You don’t want the layering to be too bulky, so always wear your smaller coat or jacket as your base layer. Voilà!


What do we say ?

Maaaan, I can do this right now !!!

I know, greaaaaat title, thanks.