I should have bought this hat the moment it hit the store. I should have done what Ursula did. Buy it, put it aside and then take it out a few seasons later. There are a couple different reasons for that :

The first is that I find that beautiful things get better with time.

The second is that at the moment they are released, these very strong items (the Jil Sander by Raf Simmons hat, the Balenciaga sweater, the Prada brogues, etc…) get people so excited and curious that they kind of steal your thunder – people don’t see you, they see your hat.

Sometimes, let’s say you’re at fashion week and you wear one, you can find yourself to become a detail model without even knowing it. It happened to me one day when I was wearing some Fendi shoes as soon as they came out. I became a foot model for a day (and nobody cared about the rest of me. Funny AND embarrassing at the same time).

Buy and put it to the side…
It demands high styling skills, I have to say.
Because if you do that, you kind of never know if you’ll ever wear it. Some pieces really don’t live more than one season. Or they get seen so much that they lose all their power real fast.

I haven’t found the magic trick to know which piece I will still want in one or two seasons.
How do you do that ?