Yesterday, I came across Taylor and the Moda Operandi team at Fernandez & Wells, a coffee shop at the Somerset House where you can grab a latte between shows.

I always love to see well dressed people in their everyday life, and I’ve always dreamed to be part of a girls team, exactly like this. It inspires me, so many positive things!

It’s funny, while looking at my images, it kind of dawned on me that my dream is coming true – I am surrounded by wonderful girls and going to work makes me happy everyday.

[Is that what’s called visualizing? Aaaargh? Have I just done some visualizing without even being aware of it? No? Cause I heard it works!!! Natalie Massenet told this story, that she used creative visualization to create her dream, that every day she would precisely imagine what Net-à-Porter would become, the website, the offices, the team, everything…]

Well, going to work… is a little exaggerated: I still work from home (which was also a dream of mine, but it gets impossible as a team grows…)(we’re looking for a real studio!!)(I know it’s crazy!) which allows me to still spend way too much time in my pjs (certainly a way to keep a little grasp on my freelance life) (and also because nothing makes me more happy than working in my pjs, I trick myself into thinking I am not working!), so we’re still just a step away from Taylor’s perfect outfits.

We sometimes do drink coffee in very photogenic places.
And even, sometimes, we’re super extra stylish.
Yep! It happens ;)

What is your dream career? Are you visualizing it?

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