I loved it. I know I use that word too much. Seriously though, I just adored the Marc Jacobs show.

The incredible atmosphere that you see in these photos (I’ll put up a video later. You have to hear the music!) really got me. So many stories found their way to the surface of my mind while I was watching the models come out…

The first thing that caught my eyes was that this was definitely the most chic “walk of shames” you’ve ever seen. You know what I’m talking about… Everybody has had at least one of these episodes (don’t tell me this has never happened to you) where after spending a crazy night out (wink wink), you have to get back home.

Your hair is a mess. Your makeup is smeared. You lost random stuff. Your wallet. Your skirt. Your bra. Whatever. You have the feeling that everyone is looking at you and you just want to hide under a blanket at your house, but at the same time, you walk really slowly because you’re not quite ready for the return to reality. You get the urge to yell at passersby, “My nights are more beautiful than your days!!!”

Ok, so that’s already enough imagination. But wait… Now this is where my passion for science fiction movies joins the party.

‘Cause yes, but there was the sun!!! This post-apocalyptic atmosphere. SO MAYBE WE’RE ON ANOTHER PLANET. Or maybe this time, aliens have actually landed, causing a shift in our ecosystem and this big bright thing IS a spacecraft. And maybe… MAYBE!!! Our walk-of-shamers just spent a night… With one of them (Insert sexy alien, dressed in Marc by Marc. No?)
She’s still in shock by what she just dared to do, but does she regret it? Doesn’t really look like she does…

I know… I know… I’m out there.
At the same time though, you only aren’t going there because you haven’t seen Battlestar Galactica yet. (You have seen it? Can walk and talk some time???) And that’s exactly what was going through my head during the precious few minutes of the show. I put together a whole feature film, right there in my head.

The truth is though that Marc Jacobs was inspired by an installation by Olafur Eliasson called “The Weather Project,” that I’ve heard of but unfortunately never seen.

Ok. I’m sure that Marc is open to lots of different interpretations. With that, I send big hugs!!!

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Translation : Tim Sullivan