Fashion week is in full swing in New York. It’s fashion tiiiiime!!! Yahoooo! Camera flash! Stilettos!!!
Okay. Don’t you go forgetting that we are creatures of intellect and reason.
We’re aren’t only defined by our sublimity and perfect outfits, no. (Yes yes yes, I’m talking about all of you and me, of course, of course!)
We are thinking beings as well. We intellectualize.
So that’s why it’s high time we answered to the…. Big Questions of Fashion Week.
Drum roll please…

Is one well dressed if she is dressed in winter as she would be in summer?

Let me explain. Let’s just say, for example, that we’re in New York during fashion week and, again, hypothetically, there’s a blizzard named Nemo that just hit the city the day before.
There are mountains of snow on all the sidewalks and frozen puddles everywhere rivaling March of the Penguins. A freezing wind sweeps down the avenues like a tunnel and there you are in your little sandals with your toes poking out and a short skirt with your shirt open half way down your chest.
You have to be carried to go over puddles and you live in constant fear of death by black ice.
Your outfit would be perfect if it were August, but even my neighbor’s bulldog is more covered up than you (it’s wearing mini-boots)(just looking at your frozen feet makes it cold).

Yet there you are, shivering for the photographers.

So I’m wondering, even if you’re really well dressed… Are you really well dressed? Or does it just totally miss the mark? Is a stylish outfit always a stylish outfit no matter the context, or should one dress according to the circumstances?

What’s this supposed to mean on the Phillip Lim invite? Who’s this Sono Mama?

Here’s what Phillip explained at the show… Sono Mama, in Japanese, means “stay as you are.” I like that thought!

Oh, by the way, here is a little video I caught of Susie interviewing Phillip after the show.

What are we going to be wearing next winter?

Yep! I found a trend!!!

We’re going to wear heavy boots with really short skirts.
Today already I saw it at Phillip Lim (love him forever) and Theyskens (really good show ! I’ll post about it ASAP).

What does everyone talk about in the first row of the shows?
(or the second, or the third?)(Or in standing?)

“Do I look like a car ? I feel like look like a car!”
(Bryan Boy, not quite confidant about his outfit)

“When is this gonna end?”
(The magazine editors, talking about all the bloggers who now have seats at all the shows.)

“Want a ride? Come up in my car!!! Well actually it’s more like a Chinese mini-van. But China is trending!!!”
(My friend Daphné)

How to patch up a bruised ego?

Was your seat at a show just stolen from someone more important than you?
Did you just get yelled at by Rihanna’s bodyguards?
Did you just realize that your outfit is a total fail, just as you’re in the middle of talking to Emmanuelle Alt? (The Goddess of Coolitude)

Here’s a miraculous solution… Amnesia. Pure and simple.
I let it sink in for two seconds, think about what I can do so that next time, it doesn’t happen, and then I tell myself that there are moments in life that are out of my control. At the end of the day, they’re not going to change my life at all.

I don’t know if it’s because of situations like this (it happens every day with fashioooooon) that I’ve had to develop a thick skin (If it’s the case, then cool. Back in the day I would’ve dwelled on the thing for hours imagining all the possible responses I could have given. I know now that gets you nowhere. I’ll never have the perfect response.)
Or maybe it’s the meditating I did in January back when my New Year resolutions were in full force, helping me to distinguish which thoughts were worth my time and which ones don’t deserve any energy.

Whatever it is, let’s hear it for selective memory!!!

Why are flash photos not allowed at Marc Jacobs?
What’s the set going to look like? What’s the show going to look like?

What are they going to do if the flash on my phone goes off accidentally like it so often does?

And a follow up question:
Have you figured out a tecnhique to not get blurry photos of the shows or anything in motion? Please? I can’t figure it out and I need to be able to share my profound comments on Instagram…