Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that this weekened in New York we were treated to a nice snowstorm.

We were all so traumatized after Sandy that we expected the apocalypse – and for real-life folks, that means getting provisions (I heard that the Whole Foods in Union Square had people battling over the last bunches of kale)… And for fashion folks just starting up fashion week, it means a deep depression (And having to rethink all the meticulously planned and prepared outfits).

Okay, not that much drama, really. We all ended up seeing the shows we wanted to see and everyone was wearing something.

And it gave me the chance to do a little research on how to stay chic when it’s freezing out.

Because really, as much as I love winter jackets (and even more love for parkas), I tend to stay pretty safe and neutral when I pick one out. When I think about what’s in my closet… I have a gray one, a blue one, another gray one, and another gray one, a camel one and a khaki one.
Woo! Could be a great editorial for Reader’s Digest.

I keep wanting to stop people on the street and say no really, I have a really interesting print shirt on underneath!
You would die if the’d see the layering I’ve got going on underneath!
I mean, look at my scarf. Totally editorial, right?
But the fact remains that the thing you see me in during the winter months is pretty much just my coat.

That’s why I think it’s time that I step out of my outerwear comfort zone a little.
Next year, I promise to buy a big colorful jacket (I fantasize about the one on Jenna here. She got it from Altuzarra and I totally should have bought it as soon as it came out)(Joseph is such a parka genius).

And if I don’t end up going for it all the way, I’ll at least try to get some interest to my sleeves, like the Kenzo coat here in the second picture. And I want to try out a red jacket, since Stella is making my mouth water with hers.

Uggghhhh and now my brain is torn between the minimalist takeover of my wardrobe this winter and my current daydreams of colors and patterns!

What do you think? Should I try out something a little more daring in my outerwear or just keep on playing it safe and simple?