Aaaah, such a perfect show!

First of all, the room it was in was… So grandiose. The music, the excitement (“Will everything change now that he’s the new artistic director of Balenciaga?” “You think so?” “I can’t wait to see!”), the light cloud of smoke that made everything in the world so beautiful.

And then all the silhouettes, one by one, that put out a vision of a more mature Alexander Wang woman, less rebellious. Sublime grays, softened contours, looser and my comfortable looking pieces that gave me back my desire to be in winter (all of my big talk this morning about getting rid of gray coats went out the window. Now, of course, I want a Wang gray coat)(Not all gray coats are created equal, you know…)(whatever that means ?).

And then Malgosia, the Sublime Model (upper case because she deserves it)(I met her this morning with Emmanuelle Alt at the end of Victoria Beckham’s show and I was so enthralled I couldn’t even dare look at her), who closed out the show and stole my heart.

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