Valentine’s day is next week and so I thought it was a good time to talk about love on the blog.
Seriously though, what good is fashion if not for looooooooove?!

One of the most mysterious parts about New York is the dating scene. I was joined by four charming men and three breathtaking women to talk about it.

Starting with the men, because there’s just not enough of them on this blog, I know… But after shooting this video, I’m even more convinced we need more of ’em on here.

On this Pardon My French, Wes Del Val, who you already know.
Peter Giang, who’s a surfer and photographer
Brian Trunzo, who is just about to open a men’s clothing shop in New York.
And last, but not least, Luke Forbes, an actor.

Click on the CC on the YouTube player for French subtitles.