You remember our Seafarer shorts?
I haven’t had time to respond to all your comments, but a lot of you said, and I’m paraphrasing, “Yeaaaaaaah! All natural hair all the way!”

First of all, thank you, thank you, thank you!
But. I’ve got bad news. That is not my natural hair.
My hair is more wavy than curly, like… I dunno… Andie MacDowell maybe?

So… Seafarer…

I got to the shoot and I trusted myself into the capable hands of Fernando, the awesome hair-dresser with whom I cracked up all day doing things like pretending he was murdering me with his curling iron.

And then he got a sudden burst of inspiration and started working on an Afro. Well, sort of an Afro. I don’t really know at what point frizzy hair becomes an Afro. (So I decided that when your hair gets to a certain point of frizziness, so much so that it holds itself up all on its own, you can call that an Afro. Tell me if I’m wrong.)

You can see how it ended up in the videos and photos. It’s pretty… Unexpected.

And so different that I tried to explore the experience. I tried to keep it that way as long as possible, sleeping face down on my bed (yeah, no, you got it, it’s literally impossible) but it ended up all knotted up and not nearly as cool.

But now that I know the both hair extremes– extremely straight (remember my Keratin Treatment?) and extremely curly, I can tell you this:

With super straight hair, I felt really precise, organized, and in control. A little bit invisible too, a little bit common. Plus it made me feel older, even more when the brushing is a little loose, then I am totally Victoria Principal.

When I had super curly hair, I felt energetic, fun, and cool! (Maybe it’s cliché, but it’s true!) Whenever people see me they wonder who’s hiding under there, it makes them smile. I felt prettier too. And different. Honestly, I loved it!

I understood that I was irrevocably curly headed.
Even if I sill fantasize about straight hair sometimes. All curly girls do that.

I mean I talk, I talk…but I’m still putting my hair up.

And I wonder if the real truth behind it all is how my agent, Delphine, put it when I was telling her everything about that… She said to me, “You? You’re just like me! You’re a girl with her hair up. You can do whatever you want, but you’ll always look better when your hair is up. I’m not talking about short hair here… That’s totally different. You’re a hair-up girl, got it?”



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Translation : Tim Sullivan