I love headbands, turbans, scarves…
I’m a big fan of anything that frames the face and neck and gives this kind of allure.

This one here is leather and is even cooler because the biggest problem with headbands is…

… They slide!!! Jerks.

And I would guess leather would stay in place better than cotton and silk, right?
I hope?


Seeing that Céline put Daria in this big knotted headband in their last campaign, I think it will give inspiration to even the shyest of fashion lovers… myself included.

Even if I don’t nearly have the coolitude of Daria shot by Jurgen Teller (or even Mariya in the shot I got of her, sooo cool), I still think I’ll give it a shot.

I’ll try not to look like some roadside gypsy trying to get to the S&M club.
That’s usually the feeling I get when I wear any kind of turban, unfortunately (and the S&M feeling comes when it’s in leather, which doesn’t happen too frequently, fortunately).

Aaaaaah, the distance between fantasy and reality!
What we dream a garment will do for us…

For ex: A jumper! Awesome! I’ll be like Jane Birken in the 70’s!!!
Euuuuuh, how can I tell you that… Actually you really look like a construction worker.
For ex: Super short hair! Perfect! I’ll look like Anne Hathaway!
Mmmm, darling, the truth is you’re closer to Liza Minelli in Sex & The City 2.
For ex : A pair of Dr. Martens! Yeey! I’ll be the new Agyness Deyn!!!
Honey, I am so sorry but you look like an old teenager.

… And what it really does.

So what do you think? Can I rock it? Or is it a little too much? Is it too…
Mmmmm…Let’s say…


The turban is from Jennifer Behr, and the jean jacket is by Proenza Schouler.

Translation : Tim Sullivan