Here are a few questions I’m gonna have to answer this week.
Maybe you can help me:

  • Can you really drink only juice all day? Or a half day? Have you ever done that?

I ended up being convinced to try to juice. Tried last week, lasted for 3 hours.

Story of my fail :

Hour 1 = Super excited, delicious juice.
Hour 2 = Super tight deadline, feeling jitery.
Hour 3 = Making myself a bowl of oatmeal.

  • Is it ok to buy a simple pair of white sneakers for 400$?

Pfff, I totally know what you’re gonna say, and it’s NO!!! and me and my good conscience will tell you you’re totally right.
But I’ll still think about them deep inside me and how my life would be much more perfect with these sneakers in it and about that neither you nor my good conscience can do anything. Unfortunately.

  • Is it ok to buy the same simple pair of white sneaker as your friend you see almost everyday? Or should you pick another color? Or no sneaker at all? Arrrh, I don’t have the guts to ask her.
  • Is it possible to make a all new wardrobe in one week?

Fashion week is upon us and, following my new year resolutions, I totally cleaned up my closet. I gave, sold, made way. My closet is so good and organized now, it’s real happiness.
Problem though : I have nothing to wear.
I need a plan. What would you do?

  • Can you totally stop smoking in one second?

I think it just happened to me. I didn’t really want to stop cause I was down to one or two cigarettes a day, which I thought was ok.
Then a friend showed me electronic cigarettes.
They’re clean*, they don’t smoke up everybody around you (it smells like nothing), it’s pretty perfect for me.
This week, I am looking for one without nicotine.
Next week, I’ll look for a cigarette without a cigarette.

  • Should I really try to go to a trampoline class?
  • In that case, how many sports bras am I supposed to layer?
  • Should I explore the possibility of a different type of curling iron?

My Stella video hair was created thanks to a special curling iron, that has two warming barrels instead of one. The haidresser told me the tool was awesome.
It’s sold at Ricky’s just around the corner.
Do you think I should try it?
Or is it just going to end up with my warming brush, my negative ions blowdryer, my professional blowdryer, my two curling irons, my straingthening iron and other curiosities in my hair accessory cemetery?

Ouuuh, I feel like I have a busy week ahead.
Because on top of aaaaaall these major questions I have… I am gonna have to work. Ugh.