Friends, I don’t know what the weather is like for you, but in New York, IT’S FREEZING.
It was 10 degrees when I left my house yesterday morning.
I’m not kidding when I say 10 degrees. I mean 10 degrees fahrenheit, so cold it makes you cry and then the tears freeze to your cheeks. See what I’m saying?

So I left my house yesterday morning to go do a shoot and I was wearing:

  • Skinny jeans, as you could’ve guessed.
  • A sweater.
  • A pair of thick sneakers and super warm socks.
  • A wool-hat of nondescript* style.
  • Special smart-phone ready gloves with little clickers on the fingers.
  • My giant parka that saves me from everything.

I didn’t even bring my bag because I couldn’t bear the thought of taking my hands out of my jacket.

As sexy and classy as it comes. I was quite the roadie*.

I got to the shoot and I gotta say, it was like a giant black coat conference for the girls (and there were ONLY girls there. Only one guy. Poor dude.)(He was wearing a giant black coat though, so that’s something.)

Moncler (Very chic), Canada Goose (THE coat on all the folks at photo-shoots. Pretty tech, but still cool), Uniqlo (of course), and a few others that were less identifiable.

You know, exactly those kind of days where everyone just throws up their hands and says “I GIVE UP! Screw it!!!” Who cares about style anyway, screw you fashion, come into my arms eskimo ! Grab mama’s giant parka. You know the one I’m talking about. Yeaaah, that giant one you we forbid her to wear in 1999 and just hid at the bottom of her closet? Yeah, that one. Voilà.

And then find a ski-mask, put some of those foot warmers in your shoes, and let’s go have that crazy hot chocolate, you know, the one that’s so thick it stands on its own, no cup needed ?***… Yeah. All that.

With my roadie outfit on, I was feeling pretty ok fashion-wise, actually. We all joked about our combat outfits and were very satisfied with ourselves, patting each other on the shoulder.

And then suddenly, Lauren showed up with her beautiful burgundy coat, her big turtle neck, that super cute hat, and right then, I thought Lauren, that girl does not give up.

Lauren, even when it’s 10 degrees, I mean not-kidding 10 degrees, she brings on the cute.

(I don’t know why I’m speaking in italics but admit it, it kinda adds some effect. I could also speaking in italics and bold, to give a little drama to my story, or even BOLD AND ALL CAPS, but you’d tell me that I was being a little too sensational about things. So italics it is.)

It totally inspired me though. I thought about Canadians (hello friends!)(-25 in Montreal last weekend)(HOW DO YOU DEAL WITH THAT?(!!!)(!!!)(!!!), Russians, Icelanders. I remember suddenly that heat tech was not made just to be worn by dogs (Because in New York right now, the dogs are often better dressed than the humans)(They even have little booties on, which is the cutest, most irresistible and ridiculous thing). I also remembered that fashion week is coming up (to your battle stations!) and I’m not going to be able to keep hiding in my igloo or my giant parka each time we go below 32.

You’re gonna have to leave the house, G, you’re gonna have to leave the house. To go outside.

This is where I call on the power of the blooooooogging world power to ask you:

How do you stay chic in the cold, BESIDES CANADA GOOSE and hot chocolate with 454475 calories?


*Ok, so. It’s not a beanie, but I try have people believe it’s a beanie cause I have no idea where I put my real beanie. But as it’s a normal wool hat that I just try to convert into a beanie, it doesn’t hold itself at all like a beanie. It behaves like a smurf hat, more. See what I mean ?

**Roadie : The guys who carry all the instruments and everything for the rock group you were a fan of with when you were 15, like, so much in love with that you fell in love with the roadie, who was “so much cooler than the snobby rockers.”

*** Yes, this kind of hot chocolate exists and I have to do a whole post on it because what’s more, it’s served with a giant melty marshmallow in the middle. I think it’s got near 54534232 calories in it and is a direct ticket (no return) toward planet diabetes, but you have to try it at least once in your life.
The thing is I tried it for the first and last time in my life the other day and I was in such a violent sugar shock that I had to go to sleep, at 5:00 p.m. in the middle of a Saturday shopping adventure. Yep. I hopped in a cab, abandoned my friends and went to sleep until 8. It’s a high price to pay for hot chocolate, but it’s totally worth it.